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Kalhaar Blues & Greens speaks the language of ‘luxury’ and offers a unique host of services to golfers from around the world.

The site not only serves as the perfect retreat for golfers from around the world but also promises to be a rejuvenating experience with its exclusive services, premium accommodation and on premise facilities.

Currently, offering a 14-rooms resort under the Suite and Deluxe Room categories, Kalhaar Blues & Greens promises to make your stay memorable by offering a variety of experiences whilst getting its ducks in a row for the launch of an on-site hotel and clubhouse very soon.

Hotel Check in – Check out Time
  • Check in Time: 02.00 pm
  • Check out Time: 12.00 noon

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Dining at Kalhaar Blues & Greens is simply delicious with cool drinks and select delectable dishes served fresh daily.

Early-to-rise golfers will appreciate the selection of breakfast choices – from light smoothies to a filling full plate – as well as the best cup of coffee around. For a casual lunch, try a cheese dosa and ample deli sandwiches with a refreshing mocktail or milkshake.

This casual restaurant overlooks the gorgeous greens with views of the sparkling, meandering lakes that will delight you over a meal to a degree you’ll never forget.

Golf and Resort attire are welcome.

Serving Breakfast and Lunch.

Kalhaar Blues & Greens
Near Muni Bapu Ashram, Nidhrad Cross Road,
Ahmedabad, India 382110
T: 093 77 110656      E:
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