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Category Archives: Course Layout

Hole 18

Par 4

421 Yards

Stroke Index 4

This medium length par 4 finishing hole can play easy or difficult depending upon the placement of the tee shot.

Players hitting far down the right side of the fairway will leave a shorter approach shot over the lake to this rather large green. Those playing their tee shot out to the left and shorter will have a much more difficult approach shot and may even choose to hit out to the left of the green to avoid the lake.

The green has a lower and upper tier which allows the player to hit their approach shots to the left of any pin position and still have the ball feed over to the hole.

Ending up on the wrong tier though will require some skill to walk away with only two putts.


Hole 17

Par 4

449 Yards

Stroke Index 14

The lake in front of the tees on this hole requires the player to hit a solid tee shot if played against the wind.

Fairway bunkers along the right side guard the best landing area for the easiest approach angle into the green.

The green has a greenside bunker along the left which is one of the deeper bunkers on the golf course.

The putting surface is slightly crowned which makes it difficult to keep the approach shot on the green unless it is hit along the left side next to the greenside bunker.


Hole 16

Par 3

203 Yards

Stroke Index 8

This is the most challenging par 3 on the golf course and requires an aggressive left to right shot from the tee.

The green is guarded along the left side by a lake and out in front with a beach bunker.

Those choosing a more conservative approach can utilize the bail-out area to the right of the green and then try for a tricky up and down to save par.


Hole 15

Par 4

451 Yards

Stroke Index 2

This is the longest par 4 on the back nine and the second longest on the golf course. This hole requires the player to hit a long tee shot down the left side of the fairway as close to the lake as possible.

Those players hitting too far down the right side will be caught up in deep hollow which will make a much more difficult and longer second shot into the green.

The green is long and narrow but has no green side bunkers. The putting surface is separated into three zones with a lower middle area and a high back pin area.

Due to the length of the green, club selection here will be important to keep it close to the pin and avoid a lengthy first putt.


Hole 14

Par 5

619 Yards

Stroke Index 12

This medium length par 5 should be reachable in two shots for most players depending upon wind direction.

The tee shot is guarded along the left side by a lake which rewards the player hitting close to it with a shorter shot into the green.

Those players that want to avoid the lake on their second shot can hit out to the right but will leave a more difficult third shot which may be blind to the green depending upon how far they hit out to the right.

The green is protected on all sides but is set into a soft bowl which will help accept longer second shots or even short third shots from any direction.


Hole 13

Par 4

399 Yards

Stroke Index 10

The shortest par 4 on the golf course, this hole requires the player to choose which club to hit from the teeing area.

The driver here may not be the best choice since the fairway narrows as you hit further down the golf hole.

The green is an island within a beach bunker which rewards the player that has hit their tee shot further down the fairway by leaving them with shorter approach shots.

The putting surface is very gentle and should allow all players that hit the green in regulation to walk away with par or better.


Hole 12

Par 5

527 Yards

Stroke Index 16

This is the shortest par 5 on the golf course and requires the player to hit their tee shot down the left side of the fairway as close to the left fairway bunkers as possible. This keeps their ball on the high side of the fairway and gives them a good angle to go for the green in two shots hitting away from the lake that guards the left side of the second landing area and green.

Those choosing a more conservative approach can lay up as far as they want leaving a longer third shot into the green.

The green is guarded along the left by a lake and along the right by two greenside bunkers.

Players hitting out to the right of the green will have a more difficult shot into the green than those choosing to lay up in front of the green.


Hole 11

Par 3

155 Yards

Stroke Index 18

This is the shortest par 3 on the golf course but by no means the easiest as it requires the player to hit a short iron onto an elevated green guarded by a deep bunker in front and grassy hollows all the way around.

The green is separated into three tiers with the highest in the middle and two lower pin areas to the right and left.

Any shots not finding the putting surface will require some finesse to get up and down.


Hole 10

Par 4

437 Yards

Stroke Index 6

The back nine gets off to a good start with a medium length par 4.

Players hitting close to the right fairway bunkers will be rewarded with a better angle for their approach shot into this tricky green.

The green is protected along the left side with a bunker and a deep grassy hollow out to the right for those players hitting too far away from the greenside bunker.

The green has a deep valley coming in from the left which separates the front and back portions of the green which puts a premium on selecting the proper club for the approach shot.


Hole 9

Par 4

441 Yards

Stroke Index 3

The front hine holes finish with a long, straight away par 4 which is guarded down the right side of the fairway with two bunkers.

There is plenty of room down the left side of the fairway to avoid the bunkers but this will leave a tough second shot over the lake and greenside bunker.

Players keeping their tee shots close to the fairway bunkers will have a much better angle into the green.

This green is also separated from the right and left sides with a ridge and is very long making it critical to correctly calculate the yardage on the approach shot depending upon pin position.

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