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The dining experience at Kalhaar Blues & Greens is light, casual yet delightful to a degree you’ll always remember.

There’s a variety of lip smacking dishes to pick from whether you’re starting your day at the course or ending it. Low-cal smoothies, one of the best coffees in town, refreshing mocktails and milkshakes – there’s something for everyone and at any time of the day!

Regular eaters swear by the cheese dosa whilst gazing at the gorgeous greens enveloping the dining hall.

This casual restaurant overlooks the gorgeous greens with views of the sparkling, meandering lakes that will delight you over a meal to a degree you’ll never forget.

Looking to host a private party? The Clubhouse also allows for a wonderful lawn space overlooking the course to make your party complete in every which way.

Golf and Resort attire are welcome.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Kalhaar Blues & Greens
Near Muni Bapu Ashram, Nidhrad Cross Road,
Ahmedabad, India 382110
T: 093 77 110656      E:
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