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Category Archives: Course Layout

Hole 8

Par 5

592 Yards

Stroke Index 13

This long par 5 will require three well placed shots in order to navigate through the lakes and bunkers.

The tee shot allows the player to take on as much of the lake as they want, leaving shorter second shots the further they aim left. Fairway bunkers along the right side will catch anyone hitting too far away from the lake.

The player will then need to avoid the lake along the right side of the second landing area but there is a ridge in the fairway that will help move the ball around this lake if hit properly down the right side.

The green is guarded along the right side with a beach bunker and grassy hollows along the left. The green is very long so the pin location will be paramount in choosing the correct club to hit the approach shot from.


Hole 7

Par 3

174 Yards

Stroke Index 11

This short par 3 sets up as an island green but is actually a peninsula with room beyond the green at the back for those players wishing to choose a longer club to help avoid the lake in front and sides.

The green is rather large so it will be important to try to keep the shot as close to the pin as possible to avoid too many putts.

A green side bunker to the left of the green will help catch any errant shots in this direction before finding a watery grave.


Hole 6

Par 4

525 Yards

Stroke Index 1

The longest par 4 on the golf course, this hole requires the player to hit two solid shots in a row in order to reach the green in regulation.

The fairway is guarded both right and left with bunkers but is wide and should give the player enough confidence to be aggressive off the tee.

The green is guarded along the right side with a beach bunker and a lake beyond but is set up as a semi-punch bowl in order to accept shots from the short and left side which will then move the ball to the right onto the putting surface. This allows players to use the slope to avoid the bunker and lake on the right.

Players will need to keep in mind, though, that any approach shots that land too short from the left side will leave very difficult pitch shots from the rough grass onto the green.


Hole 5

Par 5

544 Yards

Stroke Index 15

This short to medium length par 5 does not have any bunkers on the tee shot to allow the player to hit is as far as they can in order to try to go for the green in two shots.

Those wishing to go for the green will need to carry the high bunker complex short and right of the green and hope that their shot feeds down onto the green. Those wishing to choose a more conservative approach can hit a medium to long iron into the second landing area with is guarded by a large bunker to the right and a lake to the left. This will leave a short iron into the green.

Players need to keep a close eye on pin position because the left and right halves of the green are separated by the strongest elevation change on any of the greens.


Hole 4

Par 4

412 Yards

Stroke Index 9

This short par 4 gives the golfer two choices from the tee. Conservative players will keep their tee shots to the left of the right fairway bunkers but will leave a difficult second shot to a narrow green.

Those players that carry the right fairway bunkers will be rewarded by having a short wedge to the green for their second shot.

The green is well guarded in front and on the right with bunkers but the player needs to keep in mind that any approach shots that are hit too far over the front bunker has the chance of rolling down onto the lower back shelf of the green or beyond leaving difficult pitch shots back to the green.


Hole 3

Par 4

435 Yards

Stroke Index 5

This straight away par 4 is protected along the right side of the fairway with one bunker.

Players wanting to stay up on the higher part of the fairway in order to have a second shot into the green that does not have to go over water will need to challenge these bunkers.

Those hitting left to avoid the fairway bunkers will need to hit over the lake that guards the left side of the green on their second shot.

The green moves the ball from right to left so keep the ball out to the right of the pin on the approach shot for the best result.


Hole 2

Par 3

218 Yards

Stroke Index 17

This medium to long par 3 does not have any bunkers around the green but players still need to respect the deep hollow along the right side or they may find themselves with a rather difficult pitch shot onto the putting surface.

A ridge separates the right and left halves of the green so players need to be on the same side of this ridge as the pin to have a better chance to achieve a birdie.

KBG hole 1

Hole 1

Par 4

423 Yards

Stroke Index 7

The course starts off with a medium length, dogleg right par 4 with a large fairway bunker on the inside of the dogleg.

Players wanting to get off to a good start will try to carry this bunker which leaves a short iron into this two-tiered green.

Longer second shots will have more trouble navigating over the front green side bunker which guards the front pin areas.

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